Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Miami, FL 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom tooth are the four permanent adult teeth located at the corners of your mouth, in the rear and on top and bottom. It happens frequently when these four teeth are growing in, that they become crowded with other teeth. This often causes pain to an individual, along with the potential for infection and physical damage to other teeth. This will usually call for removal of the wisdom teeth, so as to avoid any future problems as well as to handle any present issues.

Process for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Patients undergoing an extraction will not feel any pain or discomfort at Mount Zion Dental, because at least a local anesthetic will be delivered. This will numb the area being operated on, so no pain is felt by the individual. In some cases a sedative may be necessary and a general anesthetic is also possible, although that is not generally needed. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, so you’ll be able to go home the same day, after a brief recovery period at the clinic, mostly to allow the anesthetic to wear off.


Aftercare consists of watching out for post-surgery bleeding, and sometimes an over-the-counter pain medication is needed to manage discomfort. If any swelling occurs, an ice pack is usually sufficient to handle that. Patients are advised to drink plenty of fluids and to eat only soft foods for a day or so, to allow the mouth to heal following surgery. A day of rest with no vigorous activity is also recommended, so as to promote complete recovery. After that, you can resume your normal daily activities, with the expectation that there will be no future complications from your wisdom teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do people get their wisdom teeth?

A: Most people will have their wisdom teeth come in during the late teens or early twenties, although it can be earlier or later in some cases.

Q: Does everyone get wisdom teeth?

A: No, they don’t. And while some people get all four wisdom teeth, others can get just one, two, or three.

Q: Why do wisdom teeth have to be removed?

A: It is not always necessary to have them removed, especially if they grow in properly positioned. However, when wisdom teeth grow in, they often cause overcrowding, and in this situation it’s best to have them extracted.

Q: What are impacted wisdom teeth?

A: An impacted wisdom tooth is one which has grown in too close to others in the mouth, and causes an overcrowded condition.

Q: What can happen if wisdom teeth are not removed?

A: If not removed, wisdom teeth can cause physical damage to surrounding teeth, inflamed gum tissue, jaw damage, alignment issues, cavities, and sinus problems.

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