pain free sedation

pain free sedation

Dental Sedation:

Vibrajet is a small battery operated piece of equipment that vibrates when it’s activated. The intensity of the vibration overrides the feeling of the injection, so the feeling of the needle disappears partially or completed

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (oral sedation):

Nitrous oxide known as a laughing gas. It can be used for patients who are mildly or moderately anxious or nervous. Patient can allow PTE to be calm, but still be awake and able to communicate. As soon as gas is removed or turned off, the effects of the sedation wears off almost immediately. Smile Make Overs: If you have problems with crooked, discolored, uneven, and unsightly teeth, the solution is veneers. It can be performed with a material of porcelain. If you have questions about veneers, we can work with your specific situation, please request an appointment for a free consultation to work on your individual case to have a new smile.


The mixing pen is a divice used to mix two solutions together, the main purpose of the mixing pen is make the anesthesia less acid that way when the dentist applies it is less painful.

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