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Dr. Maria Teresa Cook

DR. Nazareth

Dental Care Doctor

Nazareth is an integral part of the Mount Zion Dental practice and serves as the team leader for all the dental assistants. She has her Dental Assistant certification as well as her expanded function certificate.

Since starting here, Nazareth has enjoyed being involved with all the new technologies as they have developed and become available.

At mount Zion Dental she has learned how to work with Dr. cook and learn how to listen, make patients feel comfortable and to give them the confidence that they are not alone, together we can prevent and manage their oral health

 general health care
 general dental care
University of North Medical Hill
Texas Tech School of lorem Ipsum
Country Monthly Top Doctor (2015)

Monday – Friday
9:00 – 08:30,
09:30 – 01:30

Board of Lorem Psum University.
Board of Cancer Center University
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